Green Motor Expo in Camden

Revolve is organising an exhibition of environmentally-responsible vehicles at Triton Square Plaza in the West End of London. The Green Motor Expo is funded by the London Borough of Camden and Transport for London and will feature the latest low-carbon cars that can save money without compromising on performance or character. Also on display will be a selection of pedelecs, scooters, vans and interactive displays.

Visitors can expect another hands-on future transport experience as some of the vehicles will be available for pre-arranged test drives. Book your test drive now. You can also challenge your friends on the multi-screen eco-driving simulator, complete with a 'Top Gear' style leaderboard.

Highlights include:

fuel cellHydrogen
  • The Riversimple Urban Car. An H2FC vehicle based on the much celebrated Morgan LIFEcar concept.
  • Micro:Cab's modular taxi / van / car / pick-up.
  • ITM Power's petrol/hydrogen ICE demonstrator car and H2 electrolyzer.

electricBattery electric
  • MyCar - GreenFleet's Electric Vehicle winner 2008, designed by the legendary Giorgetto Guigiaro.
  • Modec's award-winning electric van will open up to reveal Camden Council's eco-friendly exhibition space.
  • The ZeCar - a quirky, affordable 4-seater electric car / microvan.
  • The Aixam Mega Multitruck electric microvan.

  • A range of modern and retro-style electric scooters from local retailers.

Electric bicycles
  • Cytronex - The world’s lightest electric bicycle based on much respected Cannondale brand
  • GoCycle - The bicycle you can ride in your suit, designed by an ex Mclaren design engineer.
  • The e-bikes will be recharged by Camden’s zero emission H2FC generator [tbc]

  • 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid - The most affordable hybrid family car on the market.
  • Ashwoods & Connaught - will offer their vans for test drives. (Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit). The vans are fitted with affordable retro-fit hybrid system - based on Formula 1 KERS technology - suitable for almost any type of vehicle.

ec-drivingEco Driving

  • Fiat Bravo - The lowest average CO2 emissions of any car manufacturer in Europe. Their Eco:DRIVE computer application analyses the way you drive and helps you to save money and reduce CO2 - up to 15%. You can compare with all the Fiat Eco:DRIVERS around the world. Very useful for fleet managers.
  • Toyota is represented via the Eco-Driving simulator – the most affordable way to reduce emissions without having to buy a new car. The simulator will be powered by Camden’s zero emission H2FC generator.

Stop/Start clean diesel technology
  • Volvo S40 DRIVe - The What car? Green Award winner 2009.

Find out more at www.greenmotorexpo.com


Tesla Roadster test-drive UK

Tesla Roadster test-drive UK, originally uploaded by rev0lvin.

We are delighted to announce that Tesla is the first to confirm participation in the 2009 Eco-Rally from Brighton to London in June.


The People's Eco-Rally 2008

In 2007 we showed what the motor industry is doing to kick the carbon habit. This year, you're in the driving seat!

Are you already a part of the ‘green’ transport revolution and want to compare your lifestyle with others? Join Revolve on 21st June and find out what eco-pioneers are already doing and how you can cut your car’s carbon emissions now without costing the earth.

Inspired by World Environment Day and the LoveLondon sustainability festival, Revolve is challenging eco-motorists to prove you are really kicking the carbon habit. As a sequel to their inaugural event last year, Revolve is inviting members of the public to drive from Brighton to London in the greenest way you can.

With an emphasis on personal stories, this year’s event will offer a tangible demonstration of what we can all do right now to 'kick the carbon habit' without having to invest in a new car or wait for new infrastructure.

Lowering emissions is only part of the story, so Revolve has teamed with isanyonegoingto.com and invited all the major car-clubs to promote car-sharing (i.e. using a shared car and car-pooling). If you need a lift to any destination on the Eco-Rally route then register with isanyonegoingto.com today and you can catch a ride!

If you've like to show off your lean green machine on the day or would like to volunteer as a marshall contact us now. We're giving away the latest widescreen Navman S90i and eco-friendly cleaning products from AquaNought (as seen on BBC Dragon's Den) as prizes.


cows and fuel cells

Cows might be alternative energy sources

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Aug. 23 (UPI) -- U.S. scientists say cows might one day help meet the rise in demand for alternative energy sources.

Ohio State University researchers used microbe-rich fluid from cows to generate electricity in a new, small cellulose-based microbial fuel cell.

Doctoral student Hamid Rismani-Yazdi, lead author of the study, said experiments showed it took two of the new cells to produce enough electricity to recharge an AA-sized battery. That power was produced from the breakdown of cellulose by a variety of bacteria in rumen fluid -- the microbe-rich fluid found in a cow's rumen, the largest chamber of a cow's stomach.

To create power, researchers fill a microbial fuel cell with cellulose and rumen fluid.

"Energy is produced as the bacteria break down cellulose, which is one of the most abundant resources on our planet," said Rismani-Yazdi.

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Winning Photo #10 - World Naked Bike Ride

Pregnant Passenger, originally uploaded by Mike Grenville.

The pregant passenger underlines the WNBR message that motorised vehicles don't just have an immediate impact on other road users, but for future generations to come.

More about the competition...


Car-Sharing made simple

As far as we know, isanyonegoingto.com is the only social networking Car-Share site on the net. The people behind the service aim to encourage vehicle users to adopt smarter and safer driving behaviour, therefore reducing emissions and saving lives. Despite launching just a few months ago, they're already organising around twenty shared journeys every day - helping people get to big events like Glastonbury. People have met, dated, done business, and some members are now permanently sharing their commute to work.

It only takes a minute to sign up and you can state your intentions, i.e. business, leisure trips, holiday-share or event promotion.

If you're quick, you stand a chance of winning Glastonbury 2007 - The Movie DVD. Just send an email to success@isanyonegoingto.com with your user name, and +/-50 words on why you deserve one.

Photo courtesy of Rick McCharles.


The Revolve Eco-Rally will be an Annual Event

The success of the first Revolve Eco-Rally has spurred us on to make it an annual event. As Quentin Willson put it: "everyone made it from Brighton to London, no-one broke down" adding "in fact there was not so much as a hiccup." Well Quentin, to be fair there were definitely some hiccups - not because of the propulsion technology - more to do with the usual road-trip dramas: human versus satellite navigation, London traffic, gate-crashers and Chinese whispers. The involvement of knowledgable celebrities, key decision-makers and most of the worlds' top motor-manufacturers ensured that the event was well covered by the press, including Hong Kong's most popular Chinese magazine.

Of course, there were the inevitable half-truths... one blog reported that HRH Prince of Wales drove the full course from Brighton to London. Others imagined it was a kind of whacky-racers event, with home-made contraptions roaring through quiet villages, tricked-out on chip-fat or covered in solar panels. More than one lobby group questioned the ethics and legality of "racing all those cars" down public roads on World Environment Day.

Luckily, most of the mainstream press and industry experts did get it right. Fuel Cell Today acknowledged that it was one of the largest events featuring working hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles: seven hydrogen/fuel cell vehicles participated in the rally and another three were on display in Trafalgar Square. If anyone knows of a bigger gathering of H2/FC vehicles in action, then please let us know.

Our very own 'Green Baron' - Lord Baron Bassam of Brighton - took part in the rally and regularly brings up the issue of reducing CO2 (transport emissions) in Parliament.

Download the full list of Eco-Rally Vehicles and Celebrity Drivers
View our Photo Gallery on Flickr
View Videos from the 2007 event

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